National Hugging Day TM
January 21, 2011
National Hugging Day (TM)
Suggestions for celebrating National Hugging Day:
Join or create a Hug Club (e-mail for suggestions on how to start a hug club)
Substitute hugs for handshakes.
Make or rent a bear costume and visit children or senior adults as a "Bear Hugger."
Schools or Senior care facilities may wish to elect National Hugging Day
Kings and Queens.
Hand out National Hugging Day limited edition Hug Coupons (e-mail for details).
Try to create the longest National Hugging Day chain.
Hold a Hug-a-thon at your home, church, or just about anywhere!
Always ask first and make the day fun for everyone, especially family and friends!

Jeff Ondash, aka Teddy McHuggins
Tessla Queen
President Barack Obama and Family, Washington, D.C.  
Robby Jackson, Flagstaff, AZ
Edna Hazlett, Fredericktown, PA
Jerri Brown from Decatur, GA.
Pro Soccer Players Dean Ruddy (Mt. Prospect, IL) and Ross Smith (Toronto, Canada
John Halcyon Styn (
Hug Nation)
Juan Mann, Austrailia
Mata Amritanandamayi, (Amma from Kerala, India called a "Hugging Saint")
Famous Comments from Famous People
"I'm tempted to start saying, 'Can we hug?' instead of 'Can we talk?'"
(Joan Rivers upon being formerly nominated as a huggable person)
The Value of a National Hugging Day
"National Hugging Day is a different form of sharing.  We've got more than our quota of whiners and far too few huggers these days.  Most of us have a little person
inside who needs human contact in this stainless steel, computerized society where we are kept at arms length.  Consider hugging as non-sexual, like a handshake or
a high-five.  Such personal contact makes you feel good.  A good hug warms relationships between people.  That's what
National Hugging Day is all about.  We're
not talking sex here.  Part of the problem huggers face is this guarded age where hugs are easily misinterpreted and subject to a leering look or a lawsuit.  A hug has
a universal meaning of support, concern or just a way of saying, "I'm here."
Chris Thompson, Saginaw News (MI) News Columnist

"We need to know we're cared about... students need that.  Most of them hug me back-it's our usual greeting." Rev. James Stein, Premontre H.S., Green Bay, WI

"We encourage hugging.  We have grandparents who hug the children who sit on their laps, and our staff people rub the children's backs at nap time to relax them.  
We didn't want to lose that closeness, even though people felt threatened by the "child abuse" label.  I think
Hugging Day  is a wonderful idea.  Every day should be
hugging day."
Mary Van Heuvel, Director, Green Bay Nursery Program

"Hugs make everyone feel good.  It's a way to know that someone cares.  The need to be hugged doesn't change when you get older." Barbara Kuehn Schumacher,
Mgr., Ft. Howard [Senior] Apartments, Gr
een Bay, Wisconsin

"If somebody hugs you, you know you must be there or they'll go through you." Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D., and former author, educator and lecturer on the art of loving

"Touch is life-giving, is healing.  Touching really helps human beings.  Talking doesn't do a lot for someone who feels rotten, but touch helps alleviate the pain
and anguish.  We don't lose the need for touch when we stop being babies.  We basically need to be touched, although some people do not like to be touched and we
have to respect that.  A 1950's study of institutionalized children showed that even though the children received good physical care, good nutrition, were fed and
changed regularly, they became sickly and psychotic years afterward.  They didn't make it.  They were never picked up and held.  They suffered from a condition that
results from the lack of tender, loving care."
Rev. Langdon K. Owen, Director, American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry in Green Bay

"For human beings, you need two hugs a day to survive, four hugs for maintenance, six hugs to grow." Virginia Satir, a Wisconsin Marriage and Family Therapist.
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Jeff Ondash, aka Teddy McHuggin, in Las Vegas 2010.
Your Hugs Wrap Your Heart In Mine

Hands that reach out, lean forward,
Arms that wrap all around,
Hearts  and souls that briefly touch,
Stories shared without a sound.
Eyes that meet, connections made,
Body sensations made aware,
That's the power of a hug,
The moments you and I share.
Whenever I feel you next to me,
For a moment  I relax inside your arms,
I realize how very much you love me,
That you will never cause me harm.
Our souls unite and become one,
Our worlds combine, arms entwine,
When you hug me, hold me close,
When you wrap your heart in mine.

1/17/2011 by Angie Brady-Daniels
(Used with permission)